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Okay why not lol, this could be fun. I think I've been on DA for near-abouts 9 years now- no wait, looks like I passed 10. Shoot, I should draw an anniversary pic. Anyhow.

Animeshen 200 Kiriban by ShinkiroeNoYoru

Somebody caught my kiriban for 200 page views. No one since has bothered to screencap when they caught one lol so this has been in my favs for like 10 years. Actually I'm surprised they never deleted this deviation?

Naruto vs. Sasuke - Ryouko by vashperado

when I got here I was like WAY fucking into Naruto (IT WAS 2004) so i'm going to embarrass Vashito here with one of his older drawings. I've been following this guy's art for ten goddamn years lol

Crazy but Cute by li-cat

Heres the first fanart for me in my favorites, a drawing of Ian White from my former webcomic Red All Over.

Close to fire by Vyrhelle-VyrL
Man I just always loved like, everything about this one.

Lily and Severus by auroreblackcat
Did I mention I really love Dark Haired GuyxRed Haired Girl pairings?

aSoIaF a little kindess by jubah

Cuz I do.

hades and persephone 2 by sandara
a lot.

Anger of angels by celesse
Sometimes I'm doing a drawing, and then I look at it and I'm like "where have I seen this image" and then I remember I'm pretty much doing this drawing and then I wonder how much of it I can use as reference without straight-up copying it.

Draw this again - Jesus by Panna-Kot
Sometimes I'm scrolling through my favorites looking for a tutorial and I see this one again and I just laugh.

Gray by RoochArffer

Then like 2, 3 years ago I joined my first ever OCT for the :iconunknown-artists-club: with my ghost girl, Gray. I did not win, but I got this prize for Member's Choice for having a rad character. I had so much fun and wanted to draw Gray lots more, so I went and joined Entervoid. And I met a lot of cool people there and we're all having a very lovely time =3
and thats my DA story.
I just thought of something.
Am I supposed to feature MY OWN work?
Shit ok uhhh heres a real fast run-though of my shit but I deleted a lot of it years ago so it won't be thoroughVery Uchiha Christmas by Animeshen
This is the first drawing in my gallery. I did it ten years ago when I was obsessed with Naruto. This joke is stolen from Family Guy. I do not know why I haven't deleted this yet.

Harvest Moon MM- Ray is a hobo by Animeshen
To this fucking day this drawing has the most comments of all my Deviations and until i got that Daily Deviation it had the most favs and the most views for YEARS.

Lance-Ian by Animeshen
I fucking loved this drawing when I finished it. I was like "yeah. Thats the good stuff."

Theme 01- Introduction by Animeshen
Five years in, still workin' on those 100 themes. I've passed 50 now!

OCT round 3 part 1 by Animeshen

This fucking round, you guys. theres like 6 pages of this and I hold thats its still some of my best comic art lol. Still kinda ship Gray/Wren.

Then and Now by Animeshen

Oh, Red All Over.

Water Frame REDRAW by Animeshen
I don't think I've coloured this well since I finished this piece.

Theme 96- In The Storm by Animeshen
This one is my most popular piece on Tumblr! It's at over 2,300 notes now, which is a lot for me.

And then i finished my graduate animation project and got a daily Deviation for it =)

This end for real this time.


Shen Travis
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United States
A 2D character animator and comics artist, I live in Olympia, Washington with my husband and cat, and spend my time drawing cartoons, comics and characters. I've recently completed my first short film, Abigail's Discount Magic.
As your standard nerd, I of course enjoy games, comics, anime, fantasy novels, science fiction television and cosplaying as all of the above. I also enjoy the horror genre, pirates, and penguins.
I hope you will enjoy my art!

100 Theme Challenge progress list (over 50% complete!)…



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